Is Beyonce Getting Butt Implants?

showed off her perky butt in a sheer dress on the black carpet of the Tidal X concert, but was it a result of plastic surgery? According to MediaTakeOut, the 35-year-old singer recently went under the knife to enhance one of her best assets.

“Beyonce Unveils Her New BUTT ENHANCEMENTS Last Night At Her TIDAL CONCERT!!” read the tabloid’s headline. It went on claiming, “Beyonce was one of the LAST celebrity hold-outs, who refused to get her butt surgically enhanced. She appears to have finally GIVEN IN to the pressure.”

Pointing to a picture of the “Drunk in Love” hitmaker onstage during the Saturday (October 15) concert, the gossip site added, “It’s pretty clear that she did SOMETHING to her cakes.”

While you may need some time to examine the picture to determine whether or not Bey has got butt enhancements, here’s what sources close to the singer tell ShowbizSpy about the latest rumor, “The site (MediaTakeOut) should be shut down, have they ever reported anything factually, ever? Why on earth the public still goes to their site is dumbfounding to us. We hope that goes all out in her suit against them, and ends up owning the domain or something. That would be nice.”


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